Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Have You Ever Had An Audience?

Have you ever peed in front of someone? I'm not talking about when you were a child. Guys, not standing at the urinal or ladies, aside from sharing a bathroom stall when there's a long line up in the ladies bathroom at a bar, have you peed in front of someone?  I haven't. But it's not as though he didn't want me to. He wanted to pee in front of me and tried to make it seem like it wasn't that big of a deal. I don't think he had a fetish or anything but looking back it was another way to control me. 

If I stopped closing the door while I peed he would have even more access to me. Towards the end I would keep my cell phone on me at all times. I would use the time in the bathroom to reply to texts and what not. I suspect he knew that I would do this but didn't know the end was near. 

I finally received the document back with his signature last night. I couldn't believe it; I thought that I would have to start looking for a lawyer. I was at my part time job and literally fist pumped in front of a few co-workers. Such a sense of relief, Matthew 11:28 came to mind. I had been praying and trust God for months regarding this. This was his last control over me. At this point the only thing left is him signing the divorce papers. He can refuse if he wants but he would also have to file papers with the court house protesting the divorce because I've filed for a sole divorce. Praise the Lord!

I also paid to refile my divorce papers with a change of address to a girlfriend of mine so that he wouldn't get to see my home address when he gets served the papers to sign. This means my divorce will be delayed but it also means I can continue to feel safe in my neighbourhood and not worry as much that he's stalking me. 

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